Amax Precision Optic Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in July 2008 and located in Shah Alam Technology Park.  Established in year 2005 as Max Optic Sdn. Bhd, it is in operation until July 2008.  

With 50 years of experience and technical background, we specialize in Plano and Spherical precision optics. We have grown tremendously as an optical component manufacturer and supplier.

Our strategic partner in the region has coating facilities by which we provide a wide range of coatings. This would ensure that our customers get “Complete “components.

Our Mission
To be a Top class organization in Design, Development and Manufacture of ultra precision optical components, and having an edge over the competition by providing quality services at competitive cost through innovation.

To be a significant provider in the field of Optical Development and Coatings.